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Magdalinos family run the hotel for over 35 years with dedication. In 1979, they built the 24-room hotel on the inherited by his parents' property. Antonis gave the hotel the name of his wife - Margarita. In the following years, more and more parts of buildings and rooms were added and, to date, the hotel has grown to 115 rooms.

From the beginning, the couple used their own vineyards and olive groves and planted vegetables in the immediate area, because Antonis attaches much importance as a chef on fresh ingredients. Homemade jam, olive oil, wine and honey from own vineyards must not be missed. Especially his specialty "Prasoselino" beef with celery and leek in tomato sauce is very popular.

The children and grandchildren are happy to help with the family business! "The kids love the holiday atmosphere and like to meet new people with whom they can practice their language skills", says Margarita Magdalinos.

Here the guests experience a family hospitality !


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